May 2017:

Our season of play groups is about to wrap up!  Join us for our last month before summer is here!

Friday, May 5th:  In home play group
Friday, May 19th:  Park play date
Friday 5/26:  In home play group

What is Playgroup all about?

If you are a parent of an infant, toddler or preschooler we would love for you and your child to join the Larkspur Moms' Group Playgroup.  Our group meets either in local homes or at parks, pools, or kid friendly places in the area.  We try to have a meet up every week.  In addition to a weekday play group we also try to schedule a monthly weekend playgroup.
Playgroup is a wonderful opportunity for young children to make new friends in a fun and relaxed environment.  The kids learn to socialize, share, and play with the kids that they will eventually go to school with.  The moms benefit by getting to meet new neighbors, enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about the joys and challenges of raising happy, healthy preschoolers.